My philosophy is simple. We move all the time so why shouldn't we be able to move with ease and grace AND with no pain. I play all day long with endless variations of movement patterns in order to be able to maintain my flexibility and strength in my body as I move through my day and as I move on in years (I'm over 60, by the way).

You, too, can learn how to lose or reduce the pain you might have due to repetitive strain injuries, bad posture habits, accidents or simply the aging process.  Here you will find easy-to-do, fun, non-habitual movement lessons which will help you go from pain to ease.

If you approach each movement exploration with the curiousity of a child and are willing to slow down the movements so your brain can register the differences between the different possibilities offered, you will experience this change in a very short space of time - often minutes.  And, if you find yourself slipping back into pain or into your bad habits, you can simply repeat a lesson and recoup the ease and grace once again.  Simple, easy and effective!

Woman suffering from pain in knee joint.
Playing ion the Park

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